What To Do If A Lawyer Drops Your Case

A Lawyer can drop your Case for many reasons if a client fails to reach an agreement with his lawyer.

A person hires a lawyer when he feels that he really need a good consultant support to handle his legal matter, business or to navigate the insurance claims process and obtain the financial compensation but sometimes due to the client inability to perform his agreement with his lawyer, lawyer drops his cases which is not a common matter, if this problem has been faced by you then you are in the right place to get your answer what to do when your lawyer drops your case?

You should choose the right lawyer who really wants to work with you and help you to claim your compensation and help you to know your legal right. It is also your duty to full fill the agreement with your lawyer.

Top 20 Reason A Personal Injury Lawyer Drop Your Case

Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Drop Your Case? Personal Injury Lawyers can drop your case at any time here are the main reason why personal injury lawyer drop client case.

  • If a client violates the terms of the agreement, such as failure to pay for the services rendered.
  • The lawyer has a conflict of interest in the case
  • The client and lawyer cannot agree on a legal strategy or course of action.
  • The client has been acting fraudulently.
  • The lawyer lacks the required legal skills to represent the client in the specific case.
  • Working on the case requires the lawyer to violate the ethical and professional conduct rule.
  • The client is engaging in criminal or fraudulent activity that could harm the lawyer’s reputation.
  • The injuries of the client do not warrant litigation.
  • The lawyer becomes a witness in the case.
  • The client is denied to pay the lawyer for their services.
  • The lawyer has a reasonable belief that their client has used or is planning to use their legal services to perpetrate a crime or fraud.
  • The client is refusing to follow the lawyer’s legal advice.
  • The client is ignoring their attorney.
  • The client decides to fire their lawyer or terminate the attorney-client relationship.

If you have noticed that your lawyer did not reply to your calls, ignoring your emails, SMS or showing any other reason than that’s the reason he wants to drop your case, you should not worry you should hire a good lawyer to take your case forward and to help you to claim your compensation.

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Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Drop Your Case In The Middle Of The Litigation Of The Case?

Yes, the lawyer can withdraw your personal injury case at any stage of the litigation but the withdrawal case is more complicated compare to dropping a case. If your personal injury lawyer wants to quit the case due to some reason then he must have to give a to the LD Court, The LD Court will review the exact reason for withdrawing the case and allow the grant permission to withdraw the case.

What To Do When Your Lawyer Drops Your Case?

A person can hire another personal injury lawyer for his case to take forward, A person should know why your case was dropped by the previous lawyer, A Lawyer can drop his client case, if he found that his client fraudulently, illegally, unethically, or try to hide something from him, then he may drop your case at any stage of the litigation.

Choose another personal injury lawyer for your case

Choose another personal injury lawyer for your case:- A person can choose another personal injury lawyer to carry forward his case, make sure you should choose that lawyer who really wants to help you to claim your compensation, make sure you talk to your second lawyer about your case clearly without any hiding the facts, also talk why your previous lawyer drop your case at the middle of the litigation and also make sure you will never try to do the thing that hurt your lawyer.


If a lawyer drops your case in the middle of the litigation, a person has the right to hire or change the lawyer for his case, but according to our knowledge there are fewer chances a lawyer can drop his client case but if the lawyer found that his client tries to hide the facts, or trying to do some illegal activity or fraudulent with him then he can drop the case at any stage of litigation.

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